a beginning

i am about to do something which could legitimately be described as unusual. in about ten days or so, i am going to step on a train, ride it for twelve hours or so, into a different country. there i’m going to meet a person i have never met before, and allow them to drink from my blood. i expect it to be a great experience.

if that strikes you as strange, i quite understand. however, i expect that most readers – should there be any – will have some idea about the concept of real vampires, and your questions might more pertinently be whether i have checked that vampire out, what their reputation is in the community, and have i had my blood tests. i do not intend to explain what real vampirism is, i will usually not explain the lingo – except maybe if i’m musing on it. i do intend to put up relevant links.

there are many possible beginnings. a beginning could be the time before, the stable time before things changed. but in my mind a more apposite notion of a beginning is the moment when something changes. before is a non-event. this goes against the classical theory i was taught in high-school, but that’s hardly relevant, is it?

if i write this now, it is because last night i experienced such a qualitative change. not the first in the course of this life, of course, nor even in this path as a black swan. because last night i finally found an agreement with a vampire who will feed from me, and who i want to feed. up until that moment, my desire to donate was no less visceral, but theoretical. now the desire is still as physically intense. but it is coupled to a promise. and a plan. a date. an obligation to be healthy. it is now real.

and that is quite a beginning, no?

  1. August 28th, 2009

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