a dream

this is a dream i had some time ago. i reckon that i dreamt it some time after i had started learning about real vampirism, but it was definitely a while before i started seeking out vampires. i have often dreamt about vampires, i present this specific dream because it was the most beautiful i can remember.

at the opening of this dream i am in a large room. it is black, the floor, the ceilings, the walls. there is a low light (in my memory i paint in tall white candles as a source of this light). i am sitting on a pedestal in in the centre of the room, my legs folded under me sideways, my arms demurely in my lap. i am wearing a long black robe which leaves me bare from my breasts up, and i have my hair tied up, exposing my slender neck. my pale skin seems to glow white in the dark.

at one end of the room, there are two or three steps leading up to a dais with a throne. eight or nine vampires are gathered there, around their leader on the throne. together they form a house. they are wearing black, and only their pale faces and hands shine like my skin. the leader stands up, and comes towards me. with a blade, with a firm hand, he cuts me at the base of my neck. at this point there is a little pain. as the crimson blood wells up he leans forward and slightly down and starts drinking. the pain vanishes as i feel his excitement and pleasure. now the other vampires gather round me, girls and guys, and they each make a cut and start drinking also. i try to stay upright, but soon my strength fails me, and i sink down and pass out.

time passes, and i become aware again. i am still in a black room, on a bed with white sheets. next to me is one of the vampires from before, one of the girls. she is tending my wounds, salving them, bandaging them with great care and gentle touch. as she becomes aware that i am conscious again, she smiles and leans down and kisses me with gratitude.

throughout the dream, there is a great calm and a feeling of serene joy. i never experience distress, not even when there is some pain. it might seem like a sacrifice, but it feels more like a communion. i am there willingly and of my own accord, i am where i have chosen to be.

it is obviously rather unlikely that i will ever actually participate in such a communion. but if such a possibility presented itself to me i have little doubt that i would grasp it.

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