been a while – some updates

so yeah, it’s been a while since i last posted, and a lot has happened since (or not happened, as the case may be). for one, i haven’t been to vienna, i haven’t donated sang* to any vampire, but i have had blood-tests to make sure that when the day comes my blood will be safe for the vampire to drink. i have talked with many different vampires. perhaps the biggest aspect is that i have donated psi (energy), something which i was sceptical about, but which turned out to be an awesome experience. more about that later.

i was wondering whether to re-start this blog. it would have been easy to let it die after those few opening posts. my first posts here were made with a sense of great urgency:

“in about ten days or so, i am going to step on a train, ride it for twelve hours or so, into a different country. there i’m going to meet a person i have never met before, and allow them to drink from my blood.”

those are some of the first words i wrote here, and in retrospect it seems clear that i could not sustain that kind of intensity for long. attempting to do so would have led to a world of mania and madness. that specific urgency has passed, i’ve been disappointed, have centred myself, and found that i do want to continue on this path.

besides not having been able to become a donor to the vampire in vienna, there have been a few changes. i have opened up to the possibility of donoring to some other vampire, even if it is just on an occasional opportunity (there is a specific vampire in london with whom i have ongoing negotiations). more importantly, i have become a psi-donor. i was hesitant about donoring psi, after a very bad experience with being drained involuntarily shortly after beginning to interact with the vampire community. however i am glad that i made this choice, it is a quite exceptional experience, and very satisfying. i will certainly post more about that soon.

other subjects i plan to broach: swans, and their role in the vampire community; otherkin and therianthropy; relations between donors and vampires; being out and creating awareness; and much more. i also plan to publish a commented link collection on the subject. and i need to find/commission a header image.

to finish up this post, a happy little anecdote: i’m currently sitting in (an excruciatingly boring) class. a friend and fellow sociology student sitting next to me, just as bored, asks what i’m doing. writing my blog.” “what’s it about?” do you know about vampires?” “oh yes, people who drink other people’s blood.” yeah!” “wow, that sounds like it would make a fascinating research project.” she just took it in, accepted it as okay, people do that, nothing wrong with it. wanted to know where to learn more. it’s the kind of reaction which makes me happy.

*donating sang/psi: donating blood/energy. sang of course means blood, the word comes from latin roots. psi means energy, i don’t know the etymology of the term. i prefer saying “sang donor” to “blood donor” (and “psi” to “energy”) because it affirms straight away that i’m talking about vampiric donoring, and not medical. i also prefer these terms because i can use them almost like adjectives; when i talk about donating sang it is not just what i’m donating (blood) but also has a whole set of implications about how i’m donoring. we have other such unusual distinctions in the words we use; for example we have made donor into a verb, and might say “i’m donoring to so-and-so”.

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