london meetup

today, i’m having a good day today. for starters, late last night i got to feed H a little, and subsequently had wonderfully deep and restful sleep. i even woke up fully rested before the alarm clock went off. then i went to class and after class sat in the sun by the lake with a friend and had fun chatting about. and in the evening i had a surprise nap which was very comfortable.

on sunday – yesterday – i had a meet in london with some people from the vcmb. it was great fun, we spent over five hours together (or, that was how long i was there, some stayed longer/less long). i did not actually spend most of the time thinking that hey these are vampires and they might want to drink my blood. and i’d talked about it with one of them, previously. but of course we were not in a situation where it would have been possible anyway.

when i was leaving victoria station towards gatwick on the way home there was a huge graffiti saying simply “vamp”. and sitting in the train i did think about what it might have felt like, in particularly one of them, if they’d drunk from me. if they’d taken a knife and cut my skin and then drank. it is, in my mind, and even in my body, the most intense experience i’ve ever imagined. i guess i’ll find out how it really is when i experience it for real.

which i actually got very close to doing, on saturday. on friday evening a friend and fellow donor had asked if i could help a friend of hers out. that he hadn’t fed in nine months. but that it just wouldn’t work out between them. she was very mysterious about who it was, but when she actually told me i was happy that it was somebody i knew and appreciated. so i chatted with him, and i think we were both agreeable to meeting and possibly donoring/feeding. timing was a problem, because that saturday i was going to be at another meet (non-vamp, and it was great fun too) which might last into the evening. when it became apparent that it would end earlier we started texting, but he had fallen ill. it was a very sudden proposition, but on saturday afternoon i was really looking forward to it.

on a final note, last night the vampire i was going to see when i started this blog finally reached out and asked for help with the (very bad) situation she’s in. i knew most of the situation already, and really wish she could get out of it. in the mean time, i’m very glad that she’s at least reaching out for help.

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