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vampirism, and being a donor, sounds like a very exciting life. there’s intense emotions, intimacy, needs, feeding, blades, and not at all last there’s blood. but when you look a little closer it is a lot less exciting. as a donor, what do i actually do that’s related to vampirism? not that very much. i check out the vcmb and blackswanhaven, i might have a quick look at a few other places, late at night i’ll log into chat where we mainly joke around. i’ll talk with H most days, but she usually doesn’t feed from me more than two or three times a week.

if two or three times a week doesn’t sound like much, consider that most sanguinarian vampires feed less often. if they have a donor who’s willing, and that’s a big if, they might feed once a week. but many will feed less often even if their donor is willing and available. if i start donating blood to C it will certainly not be more often than every two or three months, simply because of travel time and distance involved.

but most of the time we, both vampires and donors, lead very normal lives. we have jobs, we go to school, we raise kids (or not, as it were), we fill out tax declarations and pay bills. we do not dress in a particular way, nor do we carry any identifying marks – yes, at the london meet none of us was dressed exactly vanilla, but we wouldn’t have turned any heads in anything larger than a small village; nor were the ankhs worn by all three vamps readily apparent (and ankhs are hardly restricted to the vampire community).

we do have much of the normal relationship drama which goes on with normal people too. i talked about jealousy in my last post (and on that note, H said that she would never drop me as a donor unless i wanted, making me very happy).

i finally got to talk with C last night (who is going through her own relationship drama). besides being very glad to see her and hear what she’s been up to (intense stuff, but doesn’t belong here) it was good to just … be with her. she said that when she’d read about me donoring to H that she’d felt a certain territorial possessiveness and rage, but that she’d overcome it. though perhaps that is more of a predator defending her food thing than a regular relationship issue. i would gladly have her feed energy on me, but she is a “pure” sanguinarian, and though she could drain me it would be work and give her minimal benefits.

sorry if this has been a bit of a disconnected ramble, but that’s also kind of how i’ve felt these last few days.

    • Gabby
    • April 23rd, 2009

    ahahahahah, so, my main vamp said the same thing to me. that they were a bit possessive but got over it. LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES when the two of them met it was like lions constantly fighting to protect their food. one couldn’t stand the sight of the other touching me. even holding hands was a bit much for them.

    • hehehe, yeah. the idea of C and H actually meeting is scary! they’d be growling and hissing and pretending to ignore each other until it all exploded into claws and teeth and fur… …wait, that’s two tomcats fighting over a lady-cat in heat. though that’s kind of a fitting image, they both start purring when i’m nice to them.

      i do know one donor who has two vamps and hangs out with both of them together and they seem to get along well. so it seems it can work out. though maybe she just tells them that if they fight neither of them gets to feed…

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