haunted by her voice – 2

last night (two nights ago now) i was chatting with C on messenger when she asked if i wanted to call her.

i do not like the phone, i do not know what i sound like, i worry about my voice, i find it scary, in the worst case i get panic attacks (please please please never call me when i’m sleeping!). but it was C. asking me to call her. and. i needed to.

my tummy got upset. i had to clean stuff up. wash up. feed the cat. it took me a moment to get my stuff together. but finally i had everything together. dialed her number. waited for the connection. heard it ring. heard her voice.

i was surprised by her voice. do you know how it is when you’ve known somebody for ages. you’ve read ten of thousands of words written by her, if not more. you’ve spent long nights chatting together. you’ve seen dozens of pictures. but nothing prepares you for their voice.

her voice is sweet and beautiful. clear like a child’s, like a flute, or crystal bells. her voice is like music.

i wrote more, much more in my other post. but it was too private, too intimate for me to share publicly. it is shared between her and me. we spoke long. i made promises. i will go see her. i can not forget her voice, her sweet beautiful voice.

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