going public

just a minor update. i’ve never kept this site secret as such. since the beginning it’s been public in the sense that it was included in wordpress’ search features and could be indexed (and found by) google et al.

i also very early on gave the link to a few of my closest friends whom i had told about being a donor.

but i have been rather more reluctant about mentioning it in the vampire community. up until now i’ve only ever given the link personally to individuals whom i trusted to some degree or whom i wished to share something specific with. having had overall good feedback, and feeling a little more sure about what i want this blog to be, i have now put links to being a swan into my profiles on the various vampire sites i frequent.

i want to take this opportunity to state that i am not an authority on vampire issues. i’m no authority on donor questions either. i have no pretensions on authority. i have now been involved in the vampire community for less than half a year. this blog aims at chronicling my personal experience of being a donor. if i occasionally muse about larger issues concerning vampirism (which i admittedly do quite regularly) then those are my personal thoughts based on my limited observation and reading. i do not ask you to agree with anything i say, and invite you to share your own thoughts.

    • Willow
    • April 28th, 2009

    I <3 you. That’s all….

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