safety and other matters

just a short update because it’s been a while. if you look in the sidebar you will see that there’s a new permanent page titled “matters of safety“. that is the first of a series of texts i’m planning in regards to safety and risk as concerns donors and vampires, and talks about risks involved in bloodletting and dangers posed by transmittable diseases. i’m a bit of a nut for risk, not because i think you should avoid all risk (not possible anyway), but because i find the subject of how we as individuals and as a society deal with risk to be highly fascinating. i could ramble on at length about the subject.

in other news, i found a german-speaking and apparently fairly active vampire site called conventum tenebrarum. i have to say that i find the name exceedingly pompous, that is actually something which runs rampant all through the vampire community. i haven’t yet investigated in depths, but i’ve chatted a little and read some posts in the forum, and they seem to be a reasonable lot – inasmuch as that can be said of any vampire community.

i did have other stuff i wanted to write about, but i fail utterly at recalling what it was. so i’ll leave you all with this.

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