a simple truth

here’s a truth so simple that it’s almost stupid. donating feels good. donating feels pretty damn good, even. there’s the feed itself, the anticipation as your vampire gets ready, the build-up in your body as you prepare to release your energy. then the gasping shock as they pierce your system, the massive flux of energy as they drain you. your body writhes and you’re gasping for breath. as the feed progresses you start losing feeling in your fingers and toes, then you start blacking out.

afterwards you lie there panting and shaking and being cuddled and loved. and your vamp is feeling so good. maybe they’ll wrap your whole being in their aura and give you so much warmth. or they’ll chat with you about sweet nothings. or they’ll pour their heart out to you. or maybe they’ll just let you sleep. but they’ll all be kind to you. so slow recovery and just feeling so happy.

and all through, the intimacy, you’re letting somebody in deeper into yourself than ever possible otherwise. you’re letting somebody take of your very existence, you’re giving a part of yourself to your vamp. that is so overwhelming.

but the donating itself, the feed itself; that is pure hedonistic pleasure.

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