four days

it’s been four days since i donated.

four days, that might not sound like a lot. after all i went some thirty years without donating previously. but something’s changed. two, maybe three days after being fed on i start to get edgy, nervous. sleep gets bad, shallow, continuously interrupted. it’s been four days now. and that feeding wasn’t very deep, and before that four days again, and another weak feeding. and i’m getting incredibly restless, i’m in pain. yes. right there, i’m in pain, i need somebody to feed from me.

and that’s where it gets difficult. i promised S a good feeding. she’s gone without for longer than i. we were about to, and i fell asleep (mind you it was 8 am or so, but still). then we had another occasion where things came prevented it. a feeding-date yesterday, but i never saw her. today… i don’t know where she is, and her gf appears to be offline too.

there’s two others i could give to. one i quite like, but she’d only be here tomorrow. the other, could feed now. but what about waiting for S. i promised her. but i’m hurting.

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