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hey, i’m allowed to post navel-gazing blog-posts about blogging as much as the next guy, no?

i seem to have found some peak in relative popularity. until last week my stats were dumpling along with at best few views per day, obviously because i’d been neglecting this. previously there had been much more outside attention, but then i had slowed down with posting. then a week ago i got ~150 views in one day. totally insane. the next day was two thirds less, but still above the previous best day. a few days slowdown, and yesterday was again a huge day (not like the 150 day, but second-highest number of views).

and i wasn’t even posting anything particularly eventful.

i’m not ruling out that this is pure randomness. but still, i’m curious as to what happened.

one element which can explain part of it is that i’m now the “featured” blog for the wordpress tag “real vampire“. (i’m quite sure that “featured” in this case just means that whatever algorythm wordpress uses to create those listings has decided that i should come first; if it’s actually a human decision, then i’m honoured). there’s now a few referrals per day from that page, but it can’t explain the huge peak a week ago.

the funny thing here is that i’m not even a vampire, i’m just writing about vampires because of my involvement with them. and i’ve only used the tag “real vampire” twice (three times now, hah!). *shrug*

okay, that’s enough navel-gazing for now. in other news, i’m fairly far along with another piece of vampire fiction. it’s going to be a bit more gritty, a bit more dark than “intermission” was. i’m looking forward to being able to post the finished piece.

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