i spotted a vampire

i had quite the day yesterday. took part in the pride for the first time (lots of beautiful people). did a workshop with the off-pride (the real activists) on body communication for trans/queer people. saw the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space (BZFOS) in concert (and got nicely bruised and hurt in the mosh-pit). watched a queer burlesque & drag show. partied the night away. got home around 9:30 am.

any of those would have made for a good day, getting them all together was almost too much. i must say that the zombies greatly overshadowed any of the rest, it’s a shame none of my friends wanted to come along. or perhaps it was better like that, this way it was my thing and mine alone.

none of that actually has anything to do with vampires, which is why i’m not writing more about them. but at the party after the burlesque i spotted a vampire.

i doubt most people would have spotted her. she wasn’t dressed extravagantly, at an event where lots of people were dressed wildly. she wasn’t behaving strangely either. i noticed when i started shifting to my dragonform, and in that state i could feel the strange pull of somebody feeding. i was quite easily able to trace the energy back to the vamp, who was quietly feeding from the crowd. at that point i severed the link, and hardened my defenses.

at about that point a friend came up and asked if i was okay (i was concentrating and my hands had curled to claws), and i allowed my focus to shift. after all i was at a party. she didn’t try to feed on me anymore.

i saw her several times more during the party, and saw her hanging out with some gothy people who even in that crowd stood out with goth dress, brandings and scarifications. i overheard them at the bar speaking english and italian (the local language would have been german). i didn’t get any sign that she noticed me at all, and didn’t approach her either. i’ve already got enough vamps in my life, after all. though i wouldn’t have minded talking with her.

anyway, that’s how i spotted my first vamp out of the internet.

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