book announcement

this is the first time i do this, mention specific community-wide “news” elements. i reckon most of the interested people in the vampire community will learn these things through the grapevine or by the people who spread news wide in the community. but i liked this one in particular:

Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism” by one Joseph Laycock.

it is an academic book about real vampires and the communities they (we!) have formed. the writer is a scholar of religion and (apparently) an ethnographer, the book is certainly a work of ethnography. in an interview (here) about the book he mentions his approach and the basic ideas (including a reference to foucault, which tickles me) he was pursuing. of the various reviews etc. that i’ve seen on the book the interview is definitely the text which most makes me want to read the book.

from what i’ve understood of the content (by what others have mentioned) the author concentrates on the offline vampire communities, and seems to have (as so many others) utterly ignored us donors. i have not seen the word “donor” mentioned once in association with this book. if that is indeed so, then it is a huge shame. the other subject which he actually wanted to include was therianthropy and otherkin; again a shame, because we are present throughout the community, but this seems to have been a decision of his editor.

nevertheless this is potentially a fundamental work in the scientific study of vampirism, and i for one would very much like to read it.

p.s. i wish i had a possibility to shop online. is somebody looking for a gift for me? *bats eyelashes all prettily*

    • Merticus
    • June 10th, 2009

    Donors or donor related material is mentioned on pages: 8, 9-10, 14, & 65

    Foucault references appear on pages: 31, 33, & 69

    It’s definitely worth the read if you can obtain a copy.

    • whee, a celebrity visitor! thank you for the info Merticus.

      though, see, it’s kind of my point. without donors, you vampires are nothing (well, at least the sanguinarians; psi-vamps could just randomly drain people). and here we have a major work on vampires. yet donors appear on just 5 pages out of 200? he had a whole chapter on otherkin, but not on donors?

      …i’m not just ranting though, if nothing else this blog is aiming at creating awareness of and inclusion for donors, and we’re discussing a book project.

      still, thanks for the comment, and i do very much intend to get my hands on a copy of Vampires Today.

      …i have an amazon wishlist… *hint hint* :P

    • ClayCat
    • July 4th, 2009

    Some folks are giving it flack in the community because of the cover (an obvious marketing ploy, but hey, that’s what sells). A good friend pointed out the irony that the cover illustrates the stereotype that some vamps willing play into, which I thought was funny.

    • some folk will never be happy, will they. and it is rather ironic. if i remember right, laycock remarked on being a little unhappy with the cover himself in the interview i linked above.

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