vampires are predators

here’s a simple fact which is important to remember if you ever have dealings with vampires: vampires are predators.

when we hang out in the vampire communities it is easy to forget that. one of the most wide-spread texts we encounter (in one of its various versions) is the black veil; all versions include rules about feeding only from willing donors. some go further and specify being respectful of donors, watching out for the donors’ health, and so on. there’s the donor bill of rights which i’ve talked about previously. out of the half-dozen or so relevant books on real vampirism one is titled “The Ethical Psychic Vampire“. on forums, websites, in chat, even when they’re feeding on you (or at least, up until right before, and immediately afterwards), vampires are always very concerned about not harming their donors, about only feeding from willing donors, about being ethical.

and you know, that’s good. we don’t want vamps running around cutting people up in their sleep. we don’t want the psi-vamps draining people randomly and unawares. i like civilised vamps.

but as i wrote earlier, vampirism is not polite. whether it be energy or blood, they feed from other humans, they consume other humans. and if you sit very quiet as a donor, or if you earn the trust of a vamp or two, and you might hear stories about how they miss the hunt. that just ten years ago the notion of a psi-vamp relying on donors would have got you ridiculed. the idea of independent donors, people like me, is so new that we don’t even yet know what to call ourselves.

and if you look around even longer, you’ll find things like this blog here by a fleeting acquaintance* of mine. they is quite unabashed about being a predator, about hunting, about feeding non-consensually. it is really quite interesting reading. and there are a few other places where i’ve seen similar things written, or heard things said, but i can’t or won’t link those because they’re in private or protected spaces.

i’m quite okay with that, actually. part of what makes vampires (and being a donor) so attractive is that it’s so carnal. but if you’re just starting out on becoming a donor it might be well to not forget that vampires really are predators.

*they posted on the vcmb, and announced having a blog. as they’re the only other person i’m aware of who’s currently regularly blogging about vampirism, we spoke a little.

    • Sara
    • June 16th, 2009

    *wonders* Would now be a bad time to tell you that occasionally I dream of feeding uncontrolled?

    • would now be a bad time to tell you to get yourself online? i haven’t spoken with you in a week!

    • Sara
    • June 16th, 2009

    I’ll be online in a few hours and you are my first priority.

    • amunet
    • June 22nd, 2009

    Thank you, for reminding me of this fact.
    For as much as I hate to admit it or try to deny it..
    The darker more primal side of being a Vampire.. will always be there.. within the hunger and within the act of filling that void .
    I realise that all of us ..have a darker side..that we each struggle with at times in our lives to control. Sometimes it comes out as protection for ourselves or for another… Other times.. out of pure rage at the injustice of something..
    And the most basic and common reason ..I would think.. is when nothing less than pure survival and the need to thrive.. becomes the over riding drive..and acts as the catalyst.. which allows the more primal side to be seen.
    Regardless of what it is that brings it into the light of day.. the fact is there.
    But it is more acceptable for society and more acceptable to people..when under the aforementioned guises.
    With Vampires.. we do not have the luxury of ignoring it..for it is an everyday struggle…it is a part of our very makeup..and a part of our very existence.. and will come to the forefront ..either on command or uninvited ..if and when the need arises.
    I am not sure if the fact that we Vampires work at controlling this side of us .. makes us more human or less.
    I personally feel it makes us at least more willing to look in the mirror and see our deeper nature.. Most people spend their whole lives .. running from that very thing.. not wanting to see the side of them that yearns to be acknowledged. The part that without control or understanding.. can wreak havoc in only a moments notice. Maybe, the truth of the matter is that all of us have this predatory nature but some of us , face the burden of having to deal with it on a regular basis ..while others are able to believe in the illusion of control and in the luxury of denial.
    Who can really say,which of us is stronger ?
    I admit to and own my predatory side..for better or for worse.. it is what makes me who I am.

    • blackswan21
    • June 25th, 2009

    Hey, my fello swan. It’s weapon from…well…you know where I’m from hehe. I did get a chance to visit your blog so I stopped by heheheeh Mine is so random, sometimes it’s not even about bein’ a donor lol hehe, just random ramblings of my life as a swan, but enjoy whenever you pass through it.


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