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first, sorry for my long absence; over 10 days is really not acceptable. but life has come knocking and i’ve been really busy, uhh, living life, as it were. i’m doing very well.

when i first started is blog i found exactly two blogs on wordpress on the subject of real vampirism. unfortunately both were dead, or at least deeply comatose. “confessions of a modern day vampire” had last updated in october (except for a farewell post some time later), “donor, not a döner” by acrophobicpixie from blackswanhaven hadn’t been updated since november. it felt just a wee little bit lonely.

so i am very glad to say that pixie is back! i hope she will be updating more or less regularly, and encourage everybody to go read her blog. i found it worthwhile to read the whole thing when i first found it.

donor, not a döner

and actually a few hours earlier on the same day i learned of another new blog by a donor: “livin’ the swan life!“. admittedly he hasn’t really written much about donoring yet, but i still welcome another swan to the blogosphere (did i really just say blogosphere? oh dear).

the links to all the blogs are of course also in my linklist, feel free to explore. and if you know of any other vampire or donor blogs, please let me know, yeah?

    • Willow
    • June 30th, 2009

    omg. you totally DID just say blogosphere…


    • blackswan21
    • July 14th, 2009

    I know I haven’t written anything much about being a donor, but mainly because my vamp wishes to keep info about our actual feeding sessions private between us 2. Although I’ve started to write things about my experiences, and how I feel as a donor…

    • that’s okay, you know? i totally understand that there’s stuff one can’t write about, if only because it goes into the privacy of others.

      and i did see that you’ve been writing more about donoring, i approve. *smiles*

    • blackswan21
    • July 14th, 2009

    Btw I’m a she…lol you wrote he, just thought I’d clear that for the public XDDDDD. Did u read my new overly hyper post?

    Hyper swan!

    • eep! i stand corrected, and extend my apologies. and yes, i loved your overly hyper post. you’re a lucky girl!

    • blackswan21
    • July 14th, 2009

    Hahahaha you’re forgiven…Don’t make me tell my vampies on you! XDDD!

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