VVC public chat

last friday the VVC (Voices of the Vampire Community) invited everybody for a public chat. it was announced quite late – i got the first invitation barely 24 hours before – but as i’m actually quite interested in what goes on there and usually don’t have anything better to do at 3am (that’s when it was scheduled, for us continental europeans) i decided to attend.

i arrived a bit (a couple of hours) early, which turned out to be good; there was time for social chatting before getting down to business. the list of attendees was quite impressive, a good third of the vvc members were there for at least some of the time, and there were some well-known people amongst the non-members too.*

a nice point was a small exchange of personal messages with Isealdor.** i finally got to thank him for pointing me at blackswanhaven when i was just starting out in the community, and learned that he reads this and recommends my blog to others. now that left me feeling quite chuffed.

the actual thematic discussion was unsurprising; the chat was moving very rapidly, and it’s obviously not really the environment for deep discussions. but it was cordial enough, those who wanted to got to say their thing (i said my thing about giving donors more voice). it was overall quite interesting. after a while it morphed again into a more casual social chat. overall a pleasant evening, and i would happily attend another such chat.

for those of you who are interested in such things the log of the chat will supposedly be posted, somewhat sanitised, though i’m unsure if that was implied to be publicly or internally in the VVC. now i have few to no issues with sanitising a chat transcript, in their raw form they tend to be about as well structured as your average oral discussion (in other words, incredibly badly). but it does raise another issue.

in a global sense, i approve of the concept behind the VVC. we have a very diverse collection of vampire communities. we have more or less traditional houses, we have a few religious groups, we have the people at suscitatio doing research, we have the more free-style and undogmatic online communities, not to mention free agents (like me); and there’s bound to be other groups i haven’t thought of. getting people of good faith from all these communities to talk together is an obvious “good thing”.

what i don’t like is the secrecy associated with it. once you’ve got an organisation like that which keeps secrets, i lose trust in them. at that point it hardly matters that they describe themselves as:

“The VVC is not a governing body and will never attempt to act as such within the vampire community. […] We will not police informational content or the behaviors of individuals within the vampire community.” (on the VVC’s website, the page linked above)

i still can’t help getting slightly suspicious. the meeting transcripts they publish regularly only do little to calm that suspicion, they seem to me a bit like set pieces, while what’s actually happing remains invisible in the background. i don’t know that it works like that, but it’s how my mind works. i still think that the VVC is a good idea, i just remain cautious (or should i say paranoid?).

*am i starting to be known? at least three members of the vvc have been on this blog, others know me… yes, i’m incredibly vain.

**Isealdor runs the Vampire Realm of Darkness, the first real vampire site i found.

  1. ETA: the VVC has just posted the chat-log. it is available here: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/images/VVCGlobalVampireCommunityDiscussion07.10.09.pdf for download.

    • blackswan21
    • July 15th, 2009

    Hehe I never go to these things, although I am just starting out in the community myself, I’ve only been a swan for a little over a month I’ll confess. Although my vamp is trying to drag my arss out to a face to face gathering of sorts, so I can get to know some other vamps. I thinks it’ll be good for me, no?


    • oh yes, getting to meet other members of the community is definitely a good thing. it’s not like they’re all going to pounce and go omnomnom on you the moment you turn up. i kind of envy you for living somewhere where there are meetings at all!

    • blackswan21
    • July 15th, 2009

    Hahaha awww. They’re really aren’t meetings. I have to go w my vamp to the city he lives in which is only about a half hr away, so I guess it’s not that bad, hmmm? I just hate having to rely on him to bring other vamps into my life, I’m still amazed that I found him to begin with, given how few vamps, if any live where I do! Arg!


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