first result in google

yes, this blog has finally reached the top spot in google! though unfortunately not for an obvious search which many people would make. but searching for “vampire top of the food chain” (without the quotes) will give you a link to my recent musings about not being top of the food chain any longer.

randomly, this is also the fiftieth search term which has led people to my blog. in total 59 views are recorded as having been referenced from search engines. most of the searches are actually relevant to vampirism, though there’s several which reference “top of the food chain” and one or two other extraneous ones.

the most common searches reference the VVC, next come searches combining vampire and donor or swan in some way. Laycock got several hits too, as did real vampire (i climbed to twelfth result in google for that, but dropped down again, unsurprisingly).

what puzzles me is how deep people seem to be searching. okay, i don’t know what search-engines people are using, but in most cases google will be a good bet. i always plug search terms into google, just to see what i get, but often i’ll only appear way down in the results, somewhere between the fifth and tenth page (i rarely dig deeper than that). when i search for/by myself, i almost never go beyond the second or third page.

but yeah. today was the first time i got first result in google for a search which led somebody here, and i thought that was worth a little celebratory post. and that will be all with the navel-gazing for now.

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