sorry for the absence, it’s been over a week since my last post, and i do try to keep my updates more regular. the last week has been emotionally harrowing and utterly exhausting, for reasons i don’t want to go into. i want to thank all my friends who helped me and took care of me when i was falling apart.

i really wasn’t up to anything but the most mechanical writing, and even that went very slow. but i did end up with a new permanent page, containing a commented selection of links to donor and vamp sites.

ah yes, and i’ve got the flu now, so updates might continue to be sparse.

    • blood kisses 80
    • October 16th, 2009

    I am a very interested semi virgin donor. I am also a vampire. being a submissive I love being fed from almost more then i enjoy feeding. I am searching for a vampire to take care of. How do I go about finding what I am looking for?

    • the traditional question of how to find a vampire. if you’re looking online and within the vampire community, check out the sites mentioned in the links page, in particular the forums, and get to meet people. you might also find a link to a local house or organisation. otherwise find where your local vampy people hang out (though of course many vamps won’t be recognisable as such, nor associate with vampy people). or else check out your local bdsm scene; lots of vampires are into bdsm, though it will not always be clear of you’re talking to a vampire into bdsm, or a kinkster into vampire-styled blood-play.

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