ethics of feeding

something which i’ve come across several times recently is vamps, specifically sanguinarian vampires, saying that they do not want to consume human blood for ethical reasons.

now i think ethics are important. not in a simplistic good/bad, but as deep personal reflections on what is right for a specific person. i approve of people who think about ethics. but with these sangs it did not appear to be the result of careful reflection, but more of an excuse to avoid icky feelings surrounding what is a rather taboo* and intimate human interaction.

what i see is not a right or wrong in their decision not to drink human blood, but rather a logical inconsistency in their arguments. the same vampires who say they won’t feed from humans are busy swapping tips on how to acquire animal blood, and have no hesitation about eating meat. i wonder how they arrive at the conclusion that killing and eating a non-consenting animal can be ethically less problematic than drinking a little blood which was freely given with minimal injury by a consenting human? i’m sure you see the point i’m making: non-consensual death vs. consensual minor injury?

one of the vamps i recently saw involved in such a discussion might actually have internal consistency, as they described themselves as christian, with the implication of humans being by default infinitely superior to animals in their belief-system. the others have a much harder position to defend, as they describe themselves as pagan, which in current usage almost always implies a certain kinship and equality between living creatures of all kinds.

personally, if you’re going to be feeding from a fully informed and consenting human donor then i think the ethical issues become truly minimal.

*and nobody go and tell me that drinking human blood isn’t a deep taboo in most human societies.

    • SphynxCatVP
    • October 20th, 2009

    A friend of mine had an amusing way of responding to something like this, paraphrased:

    My decision not to kill the cow doesn’t change the fact that a piece of the cow is on my plate. Therefore, please pass the condiments.

    It may come down to fear and social acceptability – yes, blood drinking is socially taboo, but eating meat usually *isn’t* taboo, so therefore it’s easier for some to contemplate without feeling like they’ve gone completely around the bend.

    • My decision not to kill the cow doesn’t change the fact that a piece of the cow is on my plate. Therefore, please pass the condiments.

      indeed, that puts it very succinctly. going along with what everybody says is okay is easy, and you don’t have to ask yourself any difficult questions.

      and also quite despicable, in my opinion.

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