donor bling

I was browsing the web looking for a design to print on my new dress (which i finished sewing tonight). I’d gone through and rejected a series of concepts, before deciding on Mort’s coat of arms: faux croisé on a sablier rampant against a sable field. And in case you’re wondering, that’s a character from Terry Pratchett’s discworld series, and in english it’s two scythes crossed in front of an hourglass, on a black background.

Anyway, while looking for such a design i found this little pin for sale: the text says “überwald blood donors’ club”. In case you’re not acquainted with the discworld novels, uberwald is a mountainous and somewhat eastern european region, about which relatively little is known, inhabited by trolls and dwarfs and vampires and such. The vampires there are very civilized, they even have a temperance league, motto: “living not in vein”.

Most donor bling features black swans, i’ve seen a few objects by now (and have some earrings). But i’d love to wear a pin like that stuck in my lapel.

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