Vampires, Blood, and Morality

I wanted to mention this article i was pointed at: “Vampires, Blood, and Morality“.

This is not my usual type of reading. My beliefs do fall into the wider pagan category, and i do read things on the subject if i come across them. But i am very much a solitary practitioner, and most of my practice centres around aspects of my therianthropy, so it’s not really a main subject.

Still, i found this article worth mentioning for it’s very positive depiction of real vampires. For starters there is no sensationalism, there is no: “Did you know there are people who say they are vampires?!! And they drink blood??!!!”, a general attitude which marks most articles on real vampires, even when they are trying to be positive towards the vampire community.

Instead the writer talks quite matter-of-factly about the preoccupation which modern vampires have with ethics, and which is also quite visible in much of contemporary vampire fiction. If the article isn’t very in-depth, the attitude shown toward the vampire community is one i would dearly love to see more often.

Another thing to note is that the pagan community has not always had a reputation of being particularly favourable to vampires, in particular to psi-vampires. Though that has been changing i’m still happy to see that there is only one comment which is unfavourable towards vampires, and another commenter countered that argument. This is also quite heartening to see.

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