christian vampires

those of you who run their own websites or who have wordpress blogs will of course know that one can see the search terms which people used in google and co to find one’s site. i’ve made it a habit to enter the search terms into google myself, to see what other sites come up, and of course how high up the list i appear (it’s vain, of course, but sometimes very satisfying for the ego).

today i got two gems, here’s the first.

Christian Vampire: we all know by now that vampirism is not a religion (except for those for whom it is), and the general discourse within the vampire community is that there are vampires of all religions and creeds, even vampires who identify as christian (the exception is given by those who believe that vampirism is a religion, to them of course everybody else can not be a vampire). Still, in my ramblings through the vampire community i have encountered folks (vampires, donors, otherkin and therians) who subscribe to a huge variety of faiths: vodooisants, satanists, setians, asatruar, wiccans, followers of sumerian and egyptian gods, and that’s just those i can name of the top of my head (not to mention those who follow vampire religions) (and vampires of who’s faith i’m uncertain, but who are militant fighters against malaria).

but christian vampires? i honestly haven’t come across many folks in the VC who actively identify as christians. the reasons for this are probably multiple: of course there’s the biblical injunction against blood-drinking (but then again, for those christians who take the substantiation during the eucharist to be a literal event that becomes a little more complicated (they are all cannibals and blood-drinkers!!!!!)), but most vampires also share an experience of being “other” from the mainstream, which amongst other things leads them to explore minority faiths (which often are more open to the “other”). there might also be the injunction against witchcraft which makes christian faiths unwelcoming to vampires.

nonetheless, i shouldn’t be surprised that there’s whole groups of christian vampires around, after all the population base from which the (anglophone) vampire community stems is largely christian.

anyway: the site itself seems to be quite dead, it hasn’t been updated since late 2008, and many items still show the notorious “coming soon” buttons (i.e. “coming never”). the content is a bit of a mixed bag (to be mild). some info about psi-vamps is fairly accurate, some texts i felt like i was reading texts copied verbatim from other sources, other texts were outright offensive (do not feed from homosexuals, as we have bad energy, yeah right – then i remember why i can’t stand most christians).

it seems to me that the author realised their otherness, but instead of embracing and exploring otherness and all the wild beauty which being “other” offers they are trying to reduce their otherness as much as possible, and are overcompensating by rejecting all other forms of otherness. that is, sadly, all to common.

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