slave donors

ah yes, i did say that i came across two gems, and only posted the one so far. this second one is perhaps even more of a dozy. there’s several sites where a vampire or donor searching for their counterpart can post a vampire/donor personal, the blackswanhaven of course, then there’s the vcmb which has a section for donor ads, the society of the black swan, or the vampire/donor alliance yahoo group. before they moved [vamp/sang/psi]space had a group for vampires and donors seeking each other. and remember i mentioned vampire religions in my last post? i discovered today that the TUVUP also hosts vampire personals.

what’s the TUVUP? they’re the “Temple United Vampyrian Unitarian Pagan (c)“, one of those vampire religions i mentioned. it appears that they’re reasonably well off, as they continue to maintain their web-presence on the ning network. and though i’m reasonably well versed in the varieties of religious experience and philosophy, i’ve not really been able to figure out what the TUVUP is all about.

but that wasn’t the point, the point was this ad by a psi vampire house looking for slaves/donors.

have you read it? not yet? then go back and read it.

i really find it to be quite impressive, if nothing else for it’s brazenness. most personal ads are much more restrained, talking about respect for the donor, about caring relationships, about feeding being non-sexual (though then many do indeed specify what gender the vamp/donor should be, that kind of weirds me out). here, in contrast, we have the whole shebang. they aren’t looking for a donor to cherish and honour, they are looking for house slaves, to be trained in their service, to serve them both in public/private functions and sexually, and to be fed from as needed (though psi-only, not sang. that is a rather consistent pattern with religious vampire groups).

If you’re looking to serve a noble house that intends to live forever, and feel that you can rise to the challenge of having your entire universe thrown into question while we retrain you to serve only us, then perhaps you might be one of the chosen few.

you know what? i frankly find that ad very attractive. the only thing really missing is the promise of pain. and of course the sang feeding, because i really do like donating sang best. such unabashed self-assurance is rare, and i find it an incredible turn-on (in case you don’t know yet, i have a deeply submissive aspect to my character).

unfortunately it all falls apart in the last two sentences:

We are transcending human thought, and becoming the next phase in human evolution- we are humanity 2.0!  Join us, or suffer the fate of the herd!

sorry, you’re not the next stage on human evolution, to the contrary, you are energetically handicapped. without strong donors, you are nothing more than a wraith, hiding in the shadows, feeding from whatever prey happens by. you need donors, and not some weak slavelings, but powerful beings who stand proud and tall even when they are drained.

i’m not saying that a vampire/slave-donor relationship can’t work, but be wary, be very wary of believing that you are above humans. and this is, in my view, where all the vampire religions i know of fail: the moment they believe that vampires are superior to humans.

an afterthought: i rejected my allegiance to the human species some time ago, and would happily see the whole species go extinct. i have no interest in seeing it replaced by humanity 2.0.

  1. Great read, all of your blog so far. This article in particular was of interest though.

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