Vampires at the WGT

I was away for a bit, attending the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) in germany. It is a huge festival, with 200 bands, a wide array of other cultural events (readings, movies, cemetery tours, picnics, opera, etc.), lasting well over 4 days (opening on thursday, and the last events going well into tuesday morning), with 20’000 attendants and 40 venues spread all over the town of leipzig. The target audience is the “black folk” (black referring to the predominant colour of dress), that melting-pot of goth, metal, punk, cyber- and steam-punk, victorian, ren-fair, pagan, bdsm, and other culture.

Half a year ago i would hardly have known that this existed, even though it’s the biggest event of its kind on the planet. But the german vampire forum (the CT) which i started participating in earlier this year uses the WGT as an excuse for a large get-together every year. The sewing forum which i joined more or less at the same time has also been continually abuzz with talk about the WGT, not surprisingly, as it is a wonderful occasion to show off all your most extravagant creations.

So i was getting ever more excited, and about 10 days before the event everything came together, i could buy spare tickets from a friend, got offered a ride for most of the distance, borrowed a tent from another friend. I had no idea what i was getting myself into, the WGT is way huger than i could ever have thought.

The whole event was (at least for me) under the sign of the vampire. Those of us from the CT who were camping decided to make a common camp, and though of the six of us there were only two vamps it was still quite interesting. Two others were lycs, another self-identified dragon and potential donor, and me. I’ve been negotiating with one of the vamps about a possible vampire/donor relationship.

Then there was also a whole day LARPing V:tM. I was just browsing through the program book (almost 200 pages, full glossy print, bound in white leather, and ad-free) and saw that mentioned, so several of us went to have fun there. Hey, just for once i could be the vamp! Though i didn’t experience much of the plot it was still fun. Then meeting up with more of the vamps to watch “Kevin – the integration of a myth”, a zero-budget movie in which fiction-style vamps are forced to live “normal” lives, integrated into mundane society. Truly hilarious.

Sunday was our big meet, the by now almost traditional brunch of the vampires. I was a little frustrated because i couldn’t find the dress i’d wanted to wear for that (turns out i’d left it in the photo-studio a few days earlier), but what the heck, i’d brought along about 10 different outfits. Forum meets are always fun, even as a newbie it’s fun to meet all the people you’ve been chatting with, and for the old-timers these are people whom they’ve known for years. The mood was happily exuberant and bubbly, but also with intense conversations and discussions going on. We’d had the chance to invite Dr Mark Benecke and partner to our brunch, amongst other things one of germanys foremost experts on real vampires, which gave an extra zest to the meet. I’ll write more about that encounter in another post.

In the evening hanging around in the pagan village with all the vamps (and Benecke and partner) having more discussions, and these much more specific than during brunch, more intense, in a smaller circle. I’ve mentioned my thing where certain vamps trigger a desire in me for them to feed from me. Here, it was so many vamps that i couldn’t say anymore which of them was triggering it, and it all came together in a prickly confusing overwhelming desire to be fed from. Silly perhaps, and certainly impractical, but then, the whole vampire/donor thing is like that.

Then finally on monday we found out that “father todd” would be making fangs that afternoon. Through what i knew of him i had already formed a rather low opinion of him. All his media-appearances and the way he’d turned “being a vampire” into a money-making lifestyle mean that it’s become quite irrelevant to normal vampires whether he actually is a vamp or not. Still, at least this was a chance to see for myself what the deal was with him, and his fangs are reputed to be quite good. So those of us who wanted fangs, and those who were just curious, went to see what the deal was.

I intend to write a separate post about the fangs, but as to Todd, he’s an impolite oaf with delusions of grandeur. His definition of a vampire doesn’t intersect anywhere with my definition, or indeed with those used anywhere in the vampire community which i participate in. It was still worth meeting him, because at least now i can judge by myself, but Todd is no asset to the vampire community. And it was fun to see my vampire friends getting fangs for themselves.

So that’s it for an update, and a promise of more posts to come. I hope to be a little more regular with my updates, but hey, you do what you can.

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