the author

i suppose that it’s the done thing for people who are writing blogs to have a little blurb about themselves. i’m usually shy about doing these things, so here goes nothing.

i’m in my thirties. i say i’m a high-school drop-out; it’s a bit more complicated than that because our school-system is not really comparable to the american one, but because i talk to quite a lot of americans on the net it’s easier. i have a long history of drug abuse, and an equally long one of sobriety. i have a history of eating disorders almost as long as both previous combined, and am also doing much better. i haven’t self-injured for three years.

i’m supposed to be grown up, but i still don’t know what i want to be when i grow up. so far i’ve been – in approximate chronological order – a bum, a farmhand, an artist (sometimes even getting paid for it), a cowgirl on an alp (think heidi and you’re not far of), a welfare recipient, a general all-around computer professional, a mental health patient, and currently i am a student of sociology.

i am a great fan of science fiction. were i to reach behind me now, i would touch a wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookcase filled with mostly science fiction, plus some fantasy, and a little general literature. i have read most of those books, and more. i’d be utterly incapable of telling you what or who my favourite book or author is.

i like dancing, hanging out in independent bookstores and bars (or even better, the two combined) with my girlfriends, dawn (i sleep so well just after dawn), nice warm weather, my bicycle, it being mid-march and not having used a car yet this year, good books, long very hot baths, breaking rules, being naughty.

i lean to the far far left, vote for women and ecologists. have been a vegetarian for 13 years, and working on going completely vegan. mainly for ecological reasons, but also ethical, and definitely to be a bit contrarian.

and that’s about it for now. i’m leaving the comments open, and will be happy to answer most questions.

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  1. You sound cool to me!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one and thank you for sharing

    • Alessandria
    • July 12th, 2009

    Hey babes. Just reading over your pages. =) thought id stop to say hello and i like your intro x

  2. Perusing… Nice to stumble upon your blog, lovely Swan.

  3. I really do enjoy reading this. I hope you update soon.

    • I’m glad that you enjoy my writing, unfortunately i’m not in a situation right now where i can continue to write here. Later maybe.

    • sylvia
    • July 8th, 2011

    hi diss, um…i don’t want to say more than i should. just that i miss you…know you only a tiny bit from a forum…((LB)) i saw an old post of yours and ended up here. i get a tingly thrill from this site and intend to explore. to your health and hope!

    • heyhey :)

      i have to admit that i don’t remember you from LB, it seems far in the past for me even if it wasn’t really that long ago (two years now). my contact info on LB ought to still be accurate (msn, aim, etc.), you could contact me through those if you want to talk more about this?

      otherwise i wish you happy exploring, and if you find yourself so inclined exciting adventures as well.

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