this site

this is a blog about vampires. real vampires.

more importantly, this is a blog about a black swan, a friend of vampires, a donor. (that would be me).

mythological vampires are known in all human cultures through all history. they are presented as undead bodies, lost souls, wandering spirits. they drink our tears, our energy, our blood, our soul. more recently, fictional vampires have caught the popular imagination. they are immortal, incredibly strong and fast, gifted with incredible charisma and powers of seduction. they drink our blood, drain us until we’re dead.

real vampires are normal people. they have no superpowers, they get ill, they eat and drink, they love, get jealous, they grow old and eventually they die. they are normal people. they do have a particularity: every so often they need to absorb energy from others, or they need to consume some fresh human blood. if they can not get any blood or energy, they get irritable, then they start getting ill, eventually very ill.

it is not known what causes vampirism. hypotheses range from the psychological and sociological via the biological and genetic to the metaphysical and supernatural. however, this matters little except perhaps for those who are seeking a cure. they undeniably exist, just like many other people with unexplained particularities: an obvious example would be gay or trans people, less obvious but just as pertinent might be lefthandednes, or having true pitch. there is a myriad of unexplained variations on being human, and it is much more important to help them live a good life being what they are (normal humans) than trying to make them conform to some ideal of “normality”.

this is where i come in, and the many others like me. we are the black swans. the friends of vampires, the supportive family members, their lovers, and perhaps most importantly their donors.

what is a donor? we are the people who freely and willingly give our energy and our blood to vampires. there are many reasons why people become donors. some do so out of love, some out of compassion. some are fetishists who are into blood-play. some are thrill-seekers searching for the ultimate edge. others are just curious. and some, like me, have simply known all our life that this is what is right for us to do.

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