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a dream

this is a dream i had some time ago. i reckon that i dreamt it some time after i had started learning about real vampirism, but it was definitely a while before i started seeking out vampires. i have often dreamt about vampires, i present this specific dream because it was the most beautiful i can remember.

at the opening of this dream i am in a large room. it is black, the floor, the ceilings, the walls. there is a low light (in my memory i paint in tall white candles as a source of this light). i am sitting on a pedestal in in the centre of the room, my legs folded under me sideways, my arms demurely in my lap. i am wearing a long black robe which leaves me bare from my breasts up, and i have my hair tied up, exposing my slender neck. my pale skin seems to glow white in the dark.

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