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welcome to Merticus’ readers

hey all, and thanks for looking in. in the last eight and a half hours you have totally exploded my statistics here. i hope you enjoy my blog, and please feel free to look around a bit.


Laycock review tomorrow

It’s 4:50 am, and i’ve just finished the review of Vampires Today. i desperately need to proofread it, and have somebody else check it too, but i should have it ready for posting tomorrow. Sorry for the long wait, but i think it ought to be worth it.

I’ve got one or two other posts lined up, so there ought to be a little more activity here.

article featured offsite

newsflash! excitement! suspense! (well, i’m excited, but that’s probably it).

the wonderful SphynxCatVP, who runs the excellent SphynxCat’s Real Vampires Support Website, has included my post on types of donors in her article library. i am well chuffed, as you might imagine; this is the first time (to my knowledge) that one of my articles has left my site, to be included in one of the big reference sites of the community. it feels really good to be appreciated like this.

which reminds me that i need to put up my copyright notice. unless otherwise specified, i use a creative commons license with the following options: attribution, non-commercial, share-alike. that means that you may copy content from this blog as long as you a) attribute it to me (by name and with a link back to the site) [edit: a copyright notice is required, while a link back is appreciated], b) don’t use it commercially (if in doubt, ask), and c) apply the same license to any copies or derivative works you make of it. if you are in doubt about whether you can use my content, or would like additional rights, ask me.*

also, comments are of course copyright their respective authors, and a few texts remain all rights reserved (and are marked as such).

*leave a comment in an appropriate place, or email me at ladydiss74 [at] gmail [dot] com. include [being a swan] (including the square brackets) in the subject line, otherwise you risk falling into my spam filter and being deleted automatically.


sorry for the absence, it’s been over a week since my last post, and i do try to keep my updates more regular. the last week has been emotionally harrowing and utterly exhausting, for reasons i don’t want to go into. i want to thank all my friends who helped me and took care of me when i was falling apart.

i really wasn’t up to anything but the most mechanical writing, and even that went very slow. but i did end up with a new permanent page, containing a commented selection of links to donor and vamp sites.

ah yes, and i’ve got the flu now, so updates might continue to be sparse.

first result in google

yes, this blog has finally reached the top spot in google! though unfortunately not for an obvious search which many people would make. but searching for “vampire top of the food chain” (without the quotes) will give you a link to my recent musings about not being top of the food chain any longer.

randomly, this is also the fiftieth search term which has led people to my blog. in total 59 views are recorded as having been referenced from search engines. most of the searches are actually relevant to vampirism, though there’s several which reference “top of the food chain” and one or two other extraneous ones.

the most common searches reference the VVC, next come searches combining vampire and donor or swan in some way. Laycock got several hits too, as did real vampire (i climbed to twelfth result in google for that, but dropped down again, unsurprisingly).

what puzzles me is how deep people seem to be searching. okay, i don’t know what search-engines people are using, but in most cases google will be a good bet. i always plug search terms into google, just to see what i get, but often i’ll only appear way down in the results, somewhere between the fifth and tenth page (i rarely dig deeper than that). when i search for/by myself, i almost never go beyond the second or third page.

but yeah. today was the first time i got first result in google for a search which led somebody here, and i thought that was worth a little celebratory post. and that will be all with the navel-gazing for now.

something to keep you amused

okay, i’m experimenting here, not at all sure if i actually can embed a youtube video on a wordpress blog. but if it works, here’s my proposed new donor anthem:

anyway, sorry for not updating regularly and stuff, i’ve got a post or three planned, but life has been incredibly busy and it’ll be a few more days before i have time actually write a proper post.

p.s. i want to add that i do not usually listen to my chemical romance.

stats and stuff

hey, i’m allowed to post navel-gazing blog-posts about blogging as much as the next guy, no?

i seem to have found some peak in relative popularity. until last week my stats were dumpling along with at best few views per day, obviously because i’d been neglecting this. previously there had been much more outside attention, but then i had slowed down with posting. then a week ago i got ~150 views in one day. totally insane. the next day was two thirds less, but still above the previous best day. a few days slowdown, and yesterday was again a huge day (not like the 150 day, but second-highest number of views).

and i wasn’t even posting anything particularly eventful.

i’m not ruling out that this is pure randomness. but still, i’m curious as to what happened.

one element which can explain part of it is that i’m now the “featured” blog for the wordpress tag “real vampire“. (i’m quite sure that “featured” in this case just means that whatever algorythm wordpress uses to create those listings has decided that i should come first; if it’s actually a human decision, then i’m honoured). there’s now a few referrals per day from that page, but it can’t explain the huge peak a week ago.

the funny thing here is that i’m not even a vampire, i’m just writing about vampires because of my involvement with them. and i’ve only used the tag “real vampire” twice (three times now, hah!). *shrug*

okay, that’s enough navel-gazing for now. in other news, i’m fairly far along with another piece of vampire fiction. it’s going to be a bit more gritty, a bit more dark than “intermission” was. i’m looking forward to being able to post the finished piece.