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in internet terms this is ancient history. but back when i started blogging – way back when, when the word “blog” hadn’t even been invented yet – it was very common for websites to have a guestbook. these were nothing fancy, just a place where you could say that you’d been here, had liked the site, or had fallen madly in love with the author.

of course these days comment forms are ubiquitous, indeed it’s become rare that you can’t add a comment to whatever you’re reading. but i was thinking: what if you really like a blog, but don’t actually have any relevant comments? what if you’re too tired to write out a comment, but still want to say hi?

so without further ado, here’s the new old guest-book. please say hi.

    • John Reason
    • June 19th, 2010

    I can dig it. I miss the days of guest books. Keep up the good work; I really enjoy reading a donor’s perspective of all the vampire hullabaloo. Remember, if you are interested in submitting some of your articles to Real Vampire News, I would be interested in posting them.

    -John Reason

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