this is a commented list of the vampire and donor sites i consider to be particularly good or otherwise worth mentioning. it is intended as a complement to the shorter list of links listed in the side-bar. it is in no way intended as an exhaustive ultimate list of links – there are very long lists on both the vvc and on if that is what you are looking for. these are sites i know more or less well on a personal level, that means i’ll have spent some time on them, if it’s a forum i’ll probably be a member (or have been a member at a time). they are sorted by area of interest.

donor sites

these are sites which are predominantly oriented towards donors. this does not mean that these are the only places donors can go, to the contrary most of the main sites have more or less well-developed sections for donors.

blackswanhaven, and in particular its forums, is the biggest and most active donor site today. created towards the end of 2007 by a group of donors active on the vcmb, it is the first site i recommend for any new donors in the community.

society of the black swan

not a very large site, with basic information on being a donor. it’s inclusion is a sign of how thinly donor sites are strewn, and unfortunately already an example of an “old” site, the kind of home-made site with animated gifs and bad colour combinations which was popular in the nineties. i would not use their personal add service, which seems to have been unmoderated for quite some time.

donor, not a döner

AcrophobicPixie’s blog, Pixie is one of the admins and founding members of blackswanhaven, and keeps the only “serious” donor blog that i know of besides mine. not updated frequently as Pixie is busy and easily distracted, but i’ve read the whole thing.

introspective youth

a fellow donor and friend of mine has just begun this blog. subtitled “innocent musings on life, the universe and everything in it”, and described by them as just a place to talk without boring anybody, i don’t know how much of it will be related to being a donor. but i’m definitely listing it here anyway.

livin’ the swan life

a cute blog by a fellow swan, just to show that we are not all gloom and doom and deep heavy thoughts. but it does show a bit of light drama which donors and vampires go through. unfortunately the author is not updating it regularly any more.

main sites

these are the principle community sites, the ones which pretty much everybody in the community knows and recognises as significant and good quality.

the granddaddy of real vampire site, (run by the eponymous Sanguinarius) has been around since 1997. it features a very large selection of articles, though some of them are a little out-dated and no longer adapted to today’s vampire community. it hosts the real vampire directory, possibly the largest catalogue of real vampire sites out there.

sphynxcat’s real vampire support page

SphynxCat’s is another old and firmly established site, running since 1999. it contains an excellent selection of high quality articles, and a large list of links (though nowhere near as large and in the real vampire directory). i’ve only started reading here relatively recently (though i’ve known of the site since i joined the vampire community), and enjoy it for its very sensible and down-to-earth attitude.


the vvc (voices of the vampire community) doesn’t actually have much (visible) content (they do have a forum, but that is strictly members only). i list it because its member list reads something like a who’s who of the vampire community. they are also central clearing-house for news on the vampire community and issues affecting us, and i’d recommend following their twitter or subscribing to their newsfeed.

vampire realm of darkness

the realm, in my understanding, started out as a site focused more on fictional vampires than real vamps, which is still visible in large parts of its content outside the forum. the forum itself is now centred on real vampires, and it is the site where i first entered the vampire community. i find its colour-scheme to be painful, but am assured that it will not change (sorry, inside joke). the forum software could also use updating. nonetheless it is still a good site.


i live on fora, not just vampire fora, and for those of us who live geographically isolated and don’t have access to an offline community they are an essential place to interact and go for support. i’ve already mentioned the blackswanhaven forums, and the realm, here’s some more which i frequent (or have frequented).


the vcmb (vampire community message board) is one of the (if not the) largest vampire forums on the net, and in my opinion definitely the best. it is associated with, and has been around in some form or other almost as long as its mother site, and at least one version is still on the net. it has a no nonsense attitude, and people making outrageous claims are rapidly laughed out. members only, but new members are always welcome – read the instructions as you register.

smoke & mirrors

another large vampire forum, which has also been around for quite some years. it has large sections devoted to various forms of mysticism and/or occultism, and those subjects creep into discussions on vampirism too – one of the main reasons i don’t participate there any longer. i also don’t like the yuku software much, and the gaudy styles even less. if you can work around that, not a bad forum.

ava forum

the ava (atlanta vampire alliance) is a very active group which has made atlanta a centre for the vampire community. but i’m not personally interested in local groups on the other side of the ocean, so i’m listing them here for their forum.


vampspace (or sangspace, or even psispace, it’s had a few name-changes) is a ning site, one of possibly dozens of such sites dedicated to real vampires. personally i don’t like the ning interface much, and find most of the ning sites to be rather juvenile, so i’m mostly only in this one group (maybe it’s also that i just really don’t get social networking sites). but i’m sure that they offer days of occupation for the dedicated social networker.

sites of interest

these are sites which either don’t fit in the above categories, or for some reason didn’t quite make it (i don’t know them well enough).


suscitatio enterprises, llc, is the official home of the VEWRS & AVEWRS (vampirism & energy work research study, by far the largest (if not the only) research project on real vampirism and associated phenomena. they are the only people who have any amount of actual empirical data on vampires. occasionally they will release a tasty tidbit of data, but publications aren’t expected for another year. i fingers itch to get my hands on that data and crunch it myself!

vampire zilchy

zilchy is perhaps best known for his vampire q&a videos on youtube (which is the link i gave). he is involved in other projects too, which he talks about on his website. while he is almost certainly the best-known youtube vampire he is far from the only vampire to put videos up. this playlist has almost 200 items and is apparently continued in another list, here is another playlist, and i bet you could easily find more yourself. personally i do not have the patience to use youtube in a serious way, but if it works for you there’s a treasure-trove of stuff out there.

i’ve decided to go ahead and publish this now, as i think it is complete enough like this, and waiting until i get round to finishing it might mean it never sees the light of day. i was going to include a few more sites of interest, then have a category for personal sites and blogs, and another for sites in german and french.

as i said earlier, this is my personal selection of links. if you have or know of a site which you think really ought to be in this list, then please leave a note in the comments with the link and a few words saying why it should be there.

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