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donors aren’t “nice”

hey, another post immediately after the previous one! look below if you missed reading updates here.

today somebody called me “nice” and “kind” for being a donor. they were trying to express their appreciation of donors; donors in general more likely than of me specifically, as i have no intention of donating to that vampire. somehow that got me riled up.

for starters, donors aren’t “nice”. “nice”, in my mind, means “exact” and “precise”, one could add “neat” (as in “tidily finished up). the more general meaning of “good”, “pleasant”, “agreeable” which “nice” has acquired reflects the value which was put on exactitude and precision.

donoring is almost never exact and precise, not to mention neat. there is blood and blades and lips and tongues and teeth and violence and injury and scabs and scars and dirty bandages and disease and accidents and just generally a huge mess. and that’s not even starting to get involved in the feelings and motivations of both the vamp and the donor involved.

because a heck of a lot of donors aren’t exactly doing it out of kindness either. some donors are doing it out of kindness; in an earlier post i called them compassionate donors, a vampire i spoke with called them “damn pity donors”. but many, i would even hazard a guess and say the majority of donors who are actually active in the community* have much more complex motivations behind their donoring than simple kindness. i might even add that the ones who claim to do it out of pure altruistic kindness weird me out.

i might not be able to say why exactly i’m a donor, but i know that it’s damn well not out of simple kindness.

*that remains to be shown, it’s a project i’m planning


why do we do this?

this is a question i imagine puzzles quite a few people, and i know that many vampires are disturbed by it: why do we donors, we crimson and crystal and amber swans, give of ourselves the way we do?

it is a tricky question for me too, which i have spent some time thinking about. as is to be expected i have found many reasons for becoming donors, some of them quite simple and straightforward, some of them complex and possibly troubling.

at a very basic level i have come to distinguish three, possibly four types of donors (i’m not sure that the fourth type actually exists, but i’ll get to that later). the first type is what i call the compassionate donor. the second i call the fetishistic donor. the third, which i think could possibly be conflated with the second, is the vampire fan. finally, the fourth type of donor is what i call the “natural” donor. from what i’ve seen these are quite distinct types of donors, they have distinct motivations and behaviours.

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