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what it feels like

recently i wrote here that being fed on feels good for me. i stand entirely by that statement, but want to elaborate. the only slight difficulty is with words, i don’t know what words to use to accurately describe the sensations i experience. from what i’ve read and talked about with other donors, i get very strong – not to say extreme – reactions. this is therefore not exactly a normal experience.

before feeding, if it’s been more than a day or two, i feel very agitated. this is a physical feeling, but also emotional, and my concentration is shot to hell. i get brusk, even agressive. after three or four days i’ll go on the prowl looking for vampires i might donate to. i no longer want to give myself to just anybody (at least i’ve learned some self-respect), and with an inexperienced vampire it’s usually just not worth the hassle anyway. usually i’ll be on the lookout for one of my regular energy vamps.

i’m going to put the whole description of what the feeding feels like below the cut, as it’s a long post.

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swans – some terminology

i know i said early on that i wasn’t planning to spend a lot of time systematically explaining the terminology used here. but i realised today that i never even mentioned what the term “swan” means in the vampire community. considering that i chose to name this blog “being a swan” i reckon that dedicating a few words to the subject would not be inappropriate.

at the very basic level, swans are non-vampiric people who associate with and form part of the vampire community. as there are many different people who do so, we use colours to distinguish between roles and/or attitudes to our vampire friends and associates.

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