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as promised i have added another new page, concerning negotiations in vampire/donor relationships. i am firmly convinced that whatever kind of relationship you have with another, whether it be purely vanilla, something kinky, or indeed one between a vampire and a donor, one of the most important factors to the success of the relationship lies in working things out with each other.

the less conventional the relationship, the more it becomes important that you know what you and your partner(s) are getting out of it. and there’s few relationships out there as unconventional as the one between vampire and donor.

i think there’s going to be at least one more text in the safety series, but it’s going to take a little while. and that’s about it for now.


what i want

today i was reading the net, going through various links i’d opened and never had time to read properly, when i found five or six diary entries on a website called “blood and coffee”. unfortunately the website seems to be slowly disintegrating, it has lots of dead links even internally. they are written with some remove, they’re dated 2002, but relate events which the writer experienced some twenty years earlier.

in particularly the first entry (the second part, describing her first feeding experience) is extremely visceral. i read through it with shudders running down my back, a tremendous desire, a want and need. i re-read it five or six times. i came back, read it again, and still the shudders are running down my back, setting my wings trembling. as i read it again to write this post i – i have no words to describe this feeling.

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a dream

this is a dream i had some time ago. i reckon that i dreamt it some time after i had started learning about real vampirism, but it was definitely a while before i started seeking out vampires. i have often dreamt about vampires, i present this specific dream because it was the most beautiful i can remember.

at the opening of this dream i am in a large room. it is black, the floor, the ceilings, the walls. there is a low light (in my memory i paint in tall white candles as a source of this light). i am sitting on a pedestal in in the centre of the room, my legs folded under me sideways, my arms demurely in my lap. i am wearing a long black robe which leaves me bare from my breasts up, and i have my hair tied up, exposing my slender neck. my pale skin seems to glow white in the dark.

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