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i miss donating

sorry that i haven’t been updating, but there’s really not been much happening on the donor front. i have donated psi a few times to a friend when their regular donor was ill, but otherwise it’s just been boring.

and you know what? i really miss it. i really miss feeling so close to somebody, i really miss the closeness and trust, being able to give myself so fully, to just trust.

there’s a sang vamp i’d like to donate to. we’ll be meeting soon, and i guess we’ll see. i do need to get my blood-tests updated first, been kind of letting that drift.

also, a close acquaintance has recently declared themself to be a vamp. part of me is excited by the idea of actually having a vamp nearby. but on the other hand, just because a vamp and a donor know each other and live in each others vicinity doesn’t mean that they will or should automatically start a vamp/donor relationship.