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untrained talent

i’ve not updated in a few days, mostly because of being rather busy in my mundane life – i.e. school, work, friendship. something fun was getting interviewed yesterday during two hours for tv; not about vampirism, but gender issues. the program will only air in autumn, and i’ll of course not be in it for two hours (i’ll be happy if i get five minutes), and it’s in french, but i’ll update when it’s on.

anyway, i wanted to write a bit about donoring today. actually, i want to write a lot about donoring, i want to write about how it feels, how it works, my relationships with my vampires (when i say “my” vampires i mean the vampires i donate to, i do not use the term possessively), and much more, but that would go massively beyond what i have time to write today. instead i’ll just talk about some unexpected experienced linked to donating psi.

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been a while – some updates

so yeah, it’s been a while since i last posted, and a lot has happened since (or not happened, as the case may be). for one, i haven’t been to vienna, i haven’t donated sang* to any vampire, but i have had blood-tests to make sure that when the day comes my blood will be safe for the vampire to drink. i have talked with many different vampires. perhaps the biggest aspect is that i have donated psi (energy), something which i was sceptical about, but which turned out to be an awesome experience. more about that later.

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