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safety and other matters

just a short update because it’s been a while. if you look in the sidebar you will see that there’s a new permanent page titled “matters of safety“. that is the first of a series of texts i’m planning in regards to safety and risk as concerns donors and vampires, and talks about risks involved in bloodletting and dangers posed by transmittable diseases. i’m a bit of a nut for risk, not because i think you should avoid all risk (not possible anyway), but because i find the subject of how we as individuals and as a society deal with risk to be highly fascinating. i could ramble on at length about the subject.

in other news, i found a german-speaking and apparently fairly active vampire site called conventum tenebrarum. i have to say that i find the name exceedingly pompous, that is actually something which runs rampant all through the vampire community. i haven’t yet investigated in depths, but i’ve chatted a little and read some posts in the forum, and they seem to be a reasonable lot – inasmuch as that can be said of any vampire community.

i did have other stuff i wanted to write about, but i fail utterly at recalling what it was. so i’ll leave you all with this.


two conversations

i wanted to post this earlier, as these conversations occurred last sunday. i had two conversations about being a donor. the first was face to face with my best rl friend O. the second, a bit later and online with my other best friend, W.

talking with O is like having a long session with a very good therapist. he challenges me in the very best of ways to think about what i’m saying, what i’m feeling underneath it, and why i’m feeling that way. except that instead of sitting in some office or something we’re having tea, full meals, and often sleep-overs. the big question i had to work out with him was just how crazy i have become (or if i have become crazy). he turned the question around on me, asking why i am so worried about having gone crazy.

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